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 - HVOF Spraying(HVAF Spraying)

 - Plasma Spraying

 - Low-Pressure Spraying

 - Wire Spraying

 - Self-Fluxing Alloy Spraying

 - Rokide Spraying


Other Business Operations

 - Laser Carving

 - Ultrasonic & High Voltage Cleaning

 - Grinding and Cutting Operation

 - PTA Power Weld Overlay

 - Engine Recycling


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Description of Business

What is spraying?

This is a kind of surface reforming technique where the material for spraying is heated by some such heat source as combustion of fuel/oxygen or electric energy, and the melted or almost melted particles are sprayed on the base to form a film.
Spraying has a lot of advantages compared to other surface reforming techniques (surface hardening, cementation, nitriding, ion-implantation, plating, vapor deposition and deposit welding), as follows:

Features of Spraying   Results of Spraying

  1. A film can be created on almost any type of base material.
  2. There are quite a lot of types of material for use in spraying.
  3. Multi-layered compound film or inclined layered film can be easily created.
  4. The size of the base material is unlimited. Also, limited areas on large bases can be processed.
  5. There is no distortion of the base material due to heat spray.
  6. The speed of creating a film is very high.
  7. The work at the site is easy.


  • Abrasion resistance, anticorrosion, heat resistance, thermal insulation, heat-resistant barrier
  • High temperature oxidation resistance, electrical insulation, electrical resistance, conductivity
  • Positron emission, shield effect of magnetism, extreme infrared radiation
  • Light weight, fused metal resistance, decorative, enhanced stiffness
  • Shorten control distance, good mold release, gap adjustment, oil free effect
  • Sensor film, non-slip, preventing components from wearing, super-conducting film
  • Others

Type of Spraying

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