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HVOF Spraying

What is HVOF Spraying?

HVOF stands for High Velocity Oxygen Fuel. This is high-speed jet frame spraying, using oxygen and fuel. High-pressure oxygen or mixed gas of fuel is combusted in the fuel chamber. The combustion flame passes through the narrow jet nozzle. When it comes out to the air, rapid gas inflation occurs and it is turned into a supersonic jet. The accelerated material for spraying forms a high-density film with almost no oxidation or composition change.

  Features of HVOS Spraying  

High quality sprayed film is realized.

The high-density film produced by ultrasonic spraying becomes a high quality film with low pore rate.

High Contact Strength is realized.

HVOS spraying forms a fine film, never created when using other existing spraying methods, by obtaining a high tension with high contact characteristics due to high impact energy, as well as providing excellent intensity yielding an even hardness from the first to the last layers.

Application of Theory of New Thermal Conduction into Powder

As the time period when the material is exposed to fire is quite short, because the powder is sprayed at ultra high speed, oxidation of film hardly occurs. Also, an excellent film is created because optimal powder melting temperature is obtained by contrast with plasma spraying or arc spraying.

Excellent Surface Smoothness

Because of the characteristics of smooth film, it is easy to obtain a super specula surface. Also, overlapped film can be created.

Better Film can be obtained than with D-gun.

In JP-5000 spraying, as the combustion temperature and pressure in the chamber is higher and also the powder speed is higher than with the conventional D-gun (detonation gun process), a much better film can be obtained.

  製紙機械用ロール   製紙機械用ワインダーロール   製紙機械用ロール   加熱流動床用ボイラチューブ  

Roller on the Paper Making Machine
HVOF Cermet Spraying
(Abrasion Resistant)
(ø500 x 3740L)


Winder Roller on the Paper Making Machine
HVOF Cermet Spraying
(Abrasion Resistant)
(ø1500 x 6000)


Roller on the Paper Making Machine
HVOF Cermet Spraying
(Abrasion Resistant)
(ø500 x 3740L)


Boiler Tube for Pressure Fluid Bed
HVOF Cermet Spraying
(Abrasion Resistant)

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