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Plasma Spraying

What is Plasma Spraying?

This is one of the spraying methods, where the sprayed material is heated and accelerated to melted or close to melted condition and sprayed onto the base material. The figure shows the principle of the plasma spraying gun.
As shown in the figure, when the voltage is located between cathode and anode to generate a direct current arc, the feedstock (such as argon), fed from the rear section, is ionized to generate plasma. Then the powder spray material is fed with argon, etc. into the plasma flame to form a sprayed film.

  Features of Plasma Spraying  

Any base material is selectable.

The temperature of the base material can be kept at 150 degrees C or less by using special cooling method.
There is no component change or distortion caused by the heat in the base material.
It can be applied to repair components.
Any base material is selectable (aluminum, copper alloy, resin, glass, etc.)

High quality compound film can be obtained.

High inter-powder binding, high density, and smooth film can be obtained because the powder is completely melted at high temperature and with high-speed plasma flow.
Compound materials with various ceramics, nitrides, silicides, and carbides can be sprayed.
A film with even texture is realized.
As it is directly sprayed on the film, there is no worry about cracks, usually caused in sintering.
The binding mechanism between sprayed film and base material has such special characteristics as mechanical entanglement, metallurgical and chemical interaction and self-binding, etc..

Excellent surface processing unique to our company can be realized.

Unique surface roughnesses such as satin and specular finishes can be created.
Unique performance such as the combination of sprayed film and other surface processing can be obtained.

High resistance to abrasion and corrosion

It is applicable to components including corrosive slurry or liquid, pump components (sleeve, housing, liner and impeller), screw, platen, magnetic head, etc.

High resistance against abrasion on hard surface

When a hard surface moves on a soft surface, the soft surface is worn and grains are generated. Then such grains serve to wear both the hard and soft surfaces so the speed of abrasion becomes much higher. This spraying protects base materials from such surface abrasion. It is applicable to wire drawing capstan, seam jointer for can manufacturing machines, thread guides on sewing machines.

High resistance against fretting abrasion

It has high resistance to the abrasion caused when a contact surface receives vibrations of small amplitude, such as in the components in jet engine and gas turbine engine.

  フレキソ印刷用ロール   ポンプメーカー   電極軸(銅)シール部   伸線機械用ガイドロール  

Roller for Flexographic Press
Plasma Ceramic Spraying
(Abrasion Resistant)


Pump Maker
Plasma Ceramic Spraying
(Abrasion Resistant)


Sealing Section on Electrode (Copper)
Plasma Ceramic Spraying
(Abrasion Resistant)


Guide Role for Wire Drawing Machine
Plasma Ceramic Spraying
(Abrasion Resistant)

  タイトル   押出しスクリュー  

Extrusion Screw
HVOF Spraying (Abrasion Resistant)
Wire Drawing Guide Roller
Powder Flame Spraying
(Abrasion Resistant)
Disc Brake Pad
Plasma Spraying (Heat Insulation)

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