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 - HVOF Spraying(HVAF Spraying)

 - Plasma Spraying

 - Low-Pressure Spraying

 - Wire Spraying

 - Self-Fluxing Alloy Spraying

 - Rokide Spraying


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 - Laser Carving

 - Ultrasonic & High Voltage Cleaning

 - Grinding and Cutting Operation

 - PTA Power Weld Overlay

 - Engine Recycling


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What is Low-Pressure Spraying?

Low-pressure spraying is plasma spraying performed in a controlled inactive gas atmosphere.
As the temperature of base material in preheating and spraying rises, the particle speed increases very much, so the film density becomes higher and the binding strength increased. As the temperatures of both the base material and the sprayed particles are very high, the melted particles in low-pressure atmosphere do not solidify rapidly on the base material. The melting condition of the particles is long, compared with that in atmospheric spraying, so that the particles can be sprayed on any shape of base material while leaving no space.

  Features of Low-Pressure Spraying  

When a metal is sprayed, the film is almost not oxidized.
High adherence

Reduced pore rate
High spraying efficiency
Higher preheating

Reduced chemical change of spray materials before and after the spraying


Low-Pressure Spraying Machine


Under spraying

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