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 - HVOF Spraying(HVAF Spraying)

 - Plasma Spraying

 - Low-Pressure Spraying

 - Wire Spraying

 - Self-Fluxing Alloy Spraying

 - Rokide Spraying


Other Business Operations

 - Laser Carving

 - Ultrasonic & High Voltage Cleaning

 - Grinding and Cutting Operation

 - PTA Power Weld Overlay

 - Engine Recycling


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Rokide Spraying (Rod Flame Spraying)

What is Rokide Spraying (Rod Flame Spraying)?

A ceramic rod is supplied continuously and melted in the flame caused by oxygen and acetylene gas. Then it is turned into fine particles with compressed air and continuously sprayed.

Ceramics of oxides such as aluminum oxide, zirconia and chromium oxide can be sprayed. Only completely melted materials are sprayed and the sprayed film does not contain any unmelted particles. Also, the binding strength between the particles is high so that a film with relatively rich tenacity can be formed.


    Features of Rokide Spraying  

Excellent abrasion resistance, heat resistance and electric insulation

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