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Description of Business


 - HVOF Spraying(HVAF Spraying)

 - Plasma Spraying

 - Low-Pressure Spraying

 - Wire Spraying

 - Self-Fluxing Alloy Spraying

 - Rokide Spraying


Other Business Operations

 - Laser Carving

 - Ultrasonic & High Voltage Cleaning

 - Grinding and Cutting Operation

 - PTA Power Weld Overlay

 - Engine Recycling


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Laser Carving

Ceramic Laser Carving

Laser carving (delicate indentations) is given on a gravure roller, the heart of the converting machine, after ceramic spraying and grinding.
Ceramic laser carving has a durability of some ten times more than that of any existing plated film on the mesh roller, and has the following features. Also, it is applied to components such as high accuracy rollers used for processing on liquid crystal surfaces.

  Features of Ceramic Laser Carving  

Longer Life

Our specific plasma ceramic film is very hard and has a durability some ten times more than that of hard Cr plated film on the roller. Therefore, even when a doctor blade is used, the wear of cells does not occur and high quality and even pressure is available for a long time. Conventional re-chrome plating or re-carving is not necessary.

Cell Volume Non-Diffusion

As this method is computer controlled laser non-contact carving, reproducible cell volume can be obtained with high quality pressing (coating).

Excellent Ink Transfer Ability

Unlike the conventional mechanical carving, with this method the cell shape becomes spherical, so that the transferability of ink (coating liquid) is enhanced and clogging not easily caused. Even if clogging occurs, the remedy is easy with ultrasonic cleaning at low cost.

Any Cell Pattern is available.

Any cell volume is obtained because of computer control.
- No. of lines: 20 to 1,200 lines/inch
- Cell Angle: 30, 45, 60 degrees and helical
- Cell Depth: some µm to 180 µm
- Processing Capacity: ø40 to ø60 x 5,700 (surface length) x 7,000 L (total length)

Enhanced Impact Resistance

Compared to the conventional mechanical curving on the roller, the super-hard fine ceramics are coated on an iron core, so that the laser carved surface is not easily scratched.

Easy Roller Cleaning

As the cell shape is spherical, the ink (coating liquid) is easily released, which facilitates cleaning the roller.

Reduced Running Cost

The running cost and stock amount can be reduced, due to the long life of the roller.


Plasma Ceramic Spraying


Plasma Ceramic Spraying


Ceramic Roller under Laser Curving


Cell Pattern Example
30, 45 and 60 degrees

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