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Description of Business


 - HVOF Spraying(HVAF Spraying)

 - Plasma Spraying

 - Low-Pressure Spraying

 - Wire Spraying

 - Self-Fluxing Alloy Spraying

 - Rokide Spraying


Other Business Operations

 - Laser Carving

 - Ultrasonic & High Voltage Cleaning

 - Grinding and Cutting Operation

 - PTA Power Weld Overlay

 - Engine Recycling


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Ultrasonic & High Voltage Cleaning

Using ultrasonic cleaning,

clogging on the ceramic laser carved roller and plated carved roller is removed.

  Features of Ultrasonic & High Voltage Cleaning  

Best for removing Clogging on Mesh Roller

Both the ceramic laser carved roller and plated carved roller can be recovered with cleaning.

Non-deformation of Cell in Recovery

Unlike with re-chrome plated on the plated roller, the cell shape does not deform.

Reasonable Price and Good Recovery

The cleaning cost is much cheaper than the re-plating and re-carving costs.

Short Lead Time

When it is urgent, we can cope with it quickly.

Elimination of Mottle

Mottle or coating non-uniformity caused by clogging can be eliminated.

Recovery of Roller Shaft

When wear or run-out of the bearing section is found, easy and non-distortion recovery processing is available using our specific super hard spraying or metal spraying (at reasonable price).


Before Cleaning (Depth 60µm)


After Cleaning (Depth 100µm)

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