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We will contribute to social progress and development so as to realize the well-being and happiness of the people as the company, with its particular presence, aims at the enhancement of the character of each of the company’s staff and a management profitable for all.

  1. We seek to develop a unique technology and realize high additional value by a thoroughgoing differentiation from our competitors.
  2. We seek to provide services which never disappoint our clients, by painstakingly coping with individual user’s needs in their saving energy in industry.
  3. We seek to make great efforts to manage everything, with the clear target of holding a top share in the various fields.

  Policy   Principles  

  1. We always pursue the well-being of our company staff both physically and mentally.
  2. We continue to provide mental relief, satisfaction, and pleasure to all our dealers so that they always feel that it is right to work with us.
  3. We seek to cope with anything, in any circumstances, with insight, to maintain our company forever.


  1. We seek to foster our excellent personnel and make them each into one of our human resources.
  2. We seek to cope with any job with sincerity and so give a good impression.
  3. We seek to do our job speedily and be quick to respond to the shifting circumstances of the events in our daily lives.
  4. Each of our staff plays three roles and so enhances our efficiency to cope with many products, however small.
  5. We seek to promote an integrated management with all staff members participant, with our management philosophy as our center.

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